The best site structure for life coaches

How to create a coaching website your clients will love

Think of your website as a visual representation of who you are and what you do. Would you deliver an ugly and disorganised PowerPoint presentation to a new audience of potential customers? I would hope not. Similarly, your coaching website should be easy to follow and understand, with an overarching goal. Help your website visitors ...
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The power of metaphors in coaching

Best Way To Use Metaphorical Thinking When Coaching

Why successful coaches use metaphors to solve problems. When I was in school, I was terrible at spelling. I would hang my head in shame after each test. I couldn’t put the letters in the correct order because I saw the image, not the word. This is because when I was about two years old ...
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How to make your coaching packages sexy

Create coaching packages that sell. Are you spreading yourself too ...
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How to find the perfect digital marketing strategist

How to find the perfect digital marketing strategist

A life coach’s guide to not getting stuck with a ...
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Get more coaching leads with autenthic storytelling

How to increase your coaching leads with authentic storytelling

Building trust by being yourself and sharing your personal experiences. ...
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Why gratitude is important

Why gratitude is Important for client retention

How expressing gratitude will create a customer for life. Recently, ...
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Find your ideal client

How to determine your ideal client with confidence

A step-by-step guide to creating your ideal client profile. Being ...
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Discover Your Unique Value Proposition

How To Discover Your Unique Value Proposition

6 steps to a value proposition people will remember. One ...
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How to achieve flow

How To Achieve Flow And Get Into The Zone

Discover your flow and fulfill your potential. If you had told ...
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How to find your coaching niche

How To Find Your Coaching Niche & Boost Your Authority

If you want to have profitable coaching or consulting business, ...
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connect with your audience

Promote Your Coaching Business With Social Media Marketing

Are you wondering how you can connect with your audience ...
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self-sabotaging habit - the Need for control

How to Stop Self-Sabotaging and Triumph

Last week I was looking through some goals I wrote ...
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why you need a coaching blog

The 7 Benefits Of A Coaching Blog

Having a website isn’t enough. You need a Blog. Humans ...
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Fitness marketing

If You Want Stronger Marketing Muscles, Hit The Circuit

Personal training and online coaching continue to be in high ...
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Fear of rejection

Is your fear of rejection getting in the way of your success?

My heart is pounding. It’s my first consultation. I’m pitching ...
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Be authentic marketing

How To Be Authentic Online as A Trusted Life Coach

Coaching in this new, highly sophisticated, online marketing world requires ...
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online communication for coaches

7 Benefits of Effective Online Communication

Frustrated trying to prove the value of your coaching to ...
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search engine optimisation for life coaches

How to get Your Coaching Website on Google Search

SEO for life coaches can seem overwhelming, but once you ...
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