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Increase Your Area of Influence

We help you attract the right type of clients while setting you apart from the competition.
A team dedicated to online marketing for life coaches.

The 3 Phase Approach to Authentic Promotion



We help you clearly define your ideal clients and unique value proposition.



Benefit from increased online visibility with search engine optimisation (SEO).



Boost your authority with content marketing and authentic storytelling.

Great coaching takes hard work and dedication, leaving little time for marketing.
The 3 Phase Approach to Authentic Promotion provides you with a clear direction on getting your message out there, saving you time and money.

Gain Clarity

Attract coaching clients to your business without giving sessions away for free.

Our Clarity package is for you if you are:

Starting your coaching business.

Relaunching your marketing initiatives.

Taking your coaching services online.


Understand your ideal clients deeply.

Discover what sets you apart from other coaches.

Create your coaching brand.

Develop coaching packages that sell.

Increase Your Online Visibility

Make it easy for clients to find your coaching business online.

Our Visibility packages are for you if you:

Need a website that represents your coaching brand.

Want to increase the number of visitors to your website.

Are looking to grow and expand your practice internationally.


Ideal clients will find you more easily.

Improve your search engine rankings.

Increase traffic to your website.

Create a platform where you can connect with your audience and have a conversation.

Boost Your Credibility

Become the go-to expert in your niche and improve your coaching reputation.

Our Credibility packages are for you if you want to:

Create content that will nourish and support your clients.

Start a blog or blog more consistently.

Become active on social media.

Generate leads and grow your email list.


Engage with clients and build trust.

Educate your audience on how your coaching services will benefit them.

Let your ideal clients get a feel for your vibe.

Motivate clients to take action and commit to your services.

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